Friday, January 10, 2014


Hi....long time no see as i've been busy with my interview. After my practical ends, i work at Citibank Singapore outsource centre in Malaysia....if i were offered with permanent jobs, i will consider to work for a long time.But as i were offered with contract job for 1 year, there were no security at all. So,i work there for 3 month only......

After that "Lepak-ing" at home......There are also a few interview that im going such as quick & easy sdn bhd at Petaling Jaya, AEON , GIANT and so on. I were offered with job position at quick and easy as well as at AEON. I decline both...dont know why but i just felt that i need to decline.

On december 2013, i saw a vacancy advertisement in advertisement stating a vacancy at Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd(PTP). I know about PTP but not familiar with the company.The position offered was PORT OPERATION PLANNING APPRENTICE...with starting salary of RM2000. Me..a fresh graduate with zero knowledge about port,i think its i assume the salary would be on the range of RM2000 to RM2300 if i accepted to be permanent staff....So,i apply for that job on

On 13th of december i come to PTP as i were instructed to come a week before.The interview were done at their building which is Wisma PTP. This is the first time that i come to an interview that actually take one day....its not like from the morning till evening there are interview session. We're actually were given a briefing session,introduction, assesment which include IQ test as well as Q & A session...late in the evening they conduct the interview session.

Thanks to All Mighty Allah coz not long after i exit the interview room, the interviewer come to see me to give a form paper for medical check up purposes...which means that i'm accepted to work there.

During the briefing session, we're told during the first 8th month of apprentice, our allowance is RM 2000....after we enter probation period for 6 month, the salary increase to be RM 2500 (during probation we're already in executive level which our position will be named as Associate Planner). Then, after we become confirmed staff, our salary will increase again but they did not let us know how much.

So, the latest news that i receive is i was asked to report for duty on 3rd of February 2014 which means next month.....did i tell you that this company is government-linked company (GLC)...?...yes,it is.Even my degree not really match with the job field. No wonder my lecturer said we're very lucky for taking Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) majoring in Internation Business as this course is hot item in job market.

So,till here that i will update....Bye..